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Revenue Cycle Management

Revenue Cycle Management, begins with the preliminary determination of a patient’s eligibility for a claim, proceeding to medical coding and collecting co-pays, efficiently managing the complete billing and payment collection cycle.

Medical Coding

Medical coding is the first step in the medical billing process. At Global Healthcare Billing Partner, all coders are AAPC certified and work under the guidance and supervision of a team of expert physicians.

EMR implementation

Electronic medical records (EMR) improves efficiency, reduces the overall costs and have become essential to healthcare. At the same time transition from paper to electronic records can be an arduous and painful task especially with the ever-changing requirements, changes in technology, new updates and the overwhelming amount of work that goes into completing tasks accurately within pre-defined deadlines.

Provider Credentialing

Physician credentialing is a complex, time consuming process that involves preparation of credentialing applications for multiple entities. This is where Global Healthcare Billing Partner enters the picture, simplifying and shortening the entire process.

Insurance Verification

Efficient revenue cycle management requires “clean” claims. This requires good pre-claim processing, robust processes to ascertain eligibility verification and accurate interpretation of regulations.

Transcription Support

Global Healthcare Billing Partner provides reliable, accurate and professional medical transcription services to healthcare facilities in various specialities. Both insurance companies and healthcare facilities require digitized electronic records as well as transcription at all levels.

Payer Services

It also includes proactive interaction with payers on all claims. Global Healthcare Billing Partner stays ahead of competitors, by constantly keeping track of changes in payer reimbursement…

Medical Billing Process

GHCBP offers a complete range off shore services including but not limited to Revenue Cycle Management, Medical Coding, EMR Implementation, Provider Credentialing, Patient AR follow up…

Claim Submission

The purpose of claim submission is to formally request payment or reimbursement for services, goods, or losses covered under an insurance policy, contract, or warranty.

Payment Posting

The purpose of payment posting is to accurately record and update the receipt of payments in the financial system of an organization. This process is crucial in various industries, especially in healthcare, insurance, and finance, for several reasons:

Insurance Aging

In summary, the purpose of insurance aging is to ensure timely and accurate management of insurance receivables, improve cash flow, prioritize follow-ups, enhance revenue cycle management, comply with regulations, and identify areas for process improvement.